Link.NET : Object Information Publishing Management Tool


Link.NET is advanced object information publishing management platform for building content managements applications, IPM, CRM applications and any applications integrating multimedia data and any file type.

Link.NET is a combined full object platform, Web server, XML parser and development tool. Link.NET offers a single source for integrating multimedia data and any file type. Its architecture makes it possible to modify the structure and functionality of any application dynamically and easily. Link.NET ensures that the data will integrate with existing administrative and financial tools.


GoogleV | Google Page Rank Express

GoogleV is a powerful tool to improve the web site PageRank at Google.

GoogleV is developed in C# on Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

  • The program is free.
  • The program does not include any spyware.
  • Use the program at your own risk. GLinkNET Technologies does NOT provide any warranties for this program.